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Read Me Viper 2.0: Infernal 2.0's SOTW Information and some surprises!


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Good Afternoon,

Welcome to the 6th week of Viper 2.0! This week will consist of the following:

Infernal 2.0's SOTW

...but that's not all you can look forward to. Next week will be very eventful. Kits Season 15 will come to an end and we'll be releasing Kits Season 16, Creative will be launching, Profiles will be added to our hubs, and much more. Stay tuned! Without further ado, everything you need to know regarding tomorrow's Infernal 2.0 SOTW can be found below.

Infernal 2.0
Everything you need to know regarding Infernal 2.0 can be found here.

Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Team Size: 8 Man Teams, No Allies
Release Date: Friday, September 4th at 6:00 PM EST

• Partner NPC's in Spawn will now display the new particles
• Bug where High Roller particles stay equipped even after taking the armor off has been fixed
• Leaderboard NPC in Spawn that displays the #1 team now shows the team name instead of the leader's name
• Portable bard no longer has Wither II and Weakness II

Stay tuned for next week's updates!

With Love,
Spyno 💫
09.03.2020 @ 2:54 PM EST
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