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Vipermc Koth Texture pack.


New member
Which server would this be Implemented On: Kits
Your Suggestion: Removing the KOTH texture pack. Make it so when you log in there is a texture pack that u must use. Ofcourse some people wouldn't like this as there is only 1 texture pack you can use so I have a solution for that aswell: Make a new staff team that looks at texture packs that players submit. The staff team would look for things like the Koth texture pack. And when nothing is wrong with the texture pack you can use it.

Benefits of Your Suggestion: This would remove unfair advantages on texture packs for example: Koth texture pack and Xray texture pack. I think this would be a great thing to add to give people a better experience of the server.

Anything Else: I know this idea is not easy to add to the server. I hope You guys can make something out of it. Good Luck!