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Read Me Viper's Rewind Update ⏪


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Good morning,

Welcome to our Rewind Update! As stated in our discord a few weeks ago, Infernal will be getting a 'Rewind' Update. Infernal's update will be a 'Rewind' to a past Viper update; Spring 2021. During this update is when Viper hit its life-time peak player count of 2,660. The main content difference will be found in the partner item wave, and our store. We have made significant changes to our store and all prices on our store have been lowered. Be sure to take advantage!

Again, Plan C has continued to be our #1 priority, we have made tons of progress these past few months, and hope to reveal some more information in the next few weeks. If it hasn't been obvious, all of our development recourses have been moved to Plan C, this is a big reason why there has not been a big Viper update these past few months, and why this will only be a 'Rewind'.

Kits Season 29 will take place this Friday, at 6:00 PM EST, followed up by Infernal's Rewind SOTW on Saturday at 2:00 PM EST.

All punishments have been wiped!

Rewind Update Giveaway: here

Punishments Purge 🔓
Everything regarding Punishments can be found here.

As per usual, all punishments have been purged! If you were blacklisted, banned, and/or muted - you are now free.

If you were blacklisted for charging back you will not be unblacklisted.

Kits Season 29 🌵
Everything regarding Kits Season 29 can be found here.

Kits will be getting a refresh as well! We believe this will be one of the best Kits Seasons in a while that will appeal to both casual players and our Kits Power Factions. While the initial changelog might not be that big, please provide us with constant feedback through the forums during this Season so we can make any changes/additions.

Release Date: Tomorrow, July 22nd at 6:00 PM EST
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Team Size: 30 Mans, No Allies.
Claiming: Starts at 500 Blocks

Kits Season 29 Changes
  • A brand new "Western" themed map, terrain, and builds.
  • A all new HCF styled Nether world.
  • A all new End world.
  • A new High Roller aesthetic has been added.
  • New scoreboard aesthetic.
  • New tablist aesthetic.
  • The floating spawn has been removed for this map.
  • The staff hosted events are back! Type /coords to find the event entrance.
  • KOTH Loot has been adjusted.
  • Printer is now allowed during SOTW timer.
  • Citadel has been moved to the overworld and can be found on the North East side of the map.
  • Partner Items from Spring 2021 have been brought back. A full list can be found under the Infernal section.
  • The Mystery Box has been updated and has been given a significant buff.
  • Distance Archer bugs have been patched.
And lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

Infernal 2.0 ☀️
Everything regarding Infernal can be found here.

As stated in the message above, Infernal will be getting a rewind to it's most popular state; Spring 2021. All partner items from Spring 2021 are back. Be sure to read the bullet points down below.

Release Date: Saturday, July 23rd at 2:00 PM EST
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Team Size: 5 Mans, No Allies.

Infernal Changes
  • All new spawn + builds.
  • All new terrain.
  • All new Nether & End.
  • A new High Roller aesthetic has been added.
  • New scoreboard aesthetic.
  • New tablist aesthetic.
  • Spring Crate has been removed.
  • The Treasure Chests has been permanently removed.
  • Rewind Crate has been created and new items have been added.
  • Partner Items have been re-enabled inside of the Nether & End, and Warzone. (They are still disabled in events such as KOTH's, Citadel, Conquest, etc.)

Partner Items (From Spring 2021)
  • Spider Trail
    • Right click to leave a trail of cobwebs behind you for 10 seconds. All cobwebscan be broken and despawn in 20 seconds.
  • MeeZoid's Eye
    • While inside water or lava, right click to teleport to the player who last hit you within 10 seconds. Does not work against projectiles.
  • Time Stone
    • Hit a player to begin a process where all new blocks placed inside of their claim will automatically disappear after 15 seconds.
  • Lasso
    • Hit a player three times to pull them towards you continuously.
  • Close Call
    • Right click with 3 or less hearts to receive Strength II and Regen V for 8 seconds. Failing to do this will consume the item.
  • Super-Bard Ability
    • Right click as a Bard to give your nearby faction a Super-Bard Effect of Speed III. This will consume all of your energy and give you slowness II. You must be above 60 bard energy to use this item.
  • Magic Rock
    • Hit a player to receive Strength II Speed III for a duration based on the height of their base. This defects the nearest block above the player.
  • Ball Of Rage
    • Throw at player to give them effects. Your faction will receive Strength II and Resistance III. Enemies will receive Weakness II and Wither II.
  • Portable Bard 2.0
    • Right click to spawn a Bard that will give you bard effects for 30 seconds.
  • Hyper Focus
    • Right click lock yourself in a 1v1 with the last player you hit for 30 seconds. Both players can't be hit by others, and can't receive Bard effects. Disabled on classes.
  • Beserk Ability
    • Right click to receive 12 seconds of Strength II, Resistance III, and Regen III. During this, You cannot be healed by friendly potions or golden apples.
  • Energy Dust
    • Right click to receive Speed III for 5 seconds. If you get 5 hits, you will receive Speed III and Strength I for 8 seconds. If you don't you will receive Slowness II and Weakness II.
  • Clogger
    • Hit a player three times to clog their inventory with random items after 3 seconds. Disabled on classes, and cannot be used on the same player twice within 1 minute.
  • Teleportation Bow
    • Shoot a player to start a 3 second teleportation process into their body.
  • Anti-Trap Beacon
    • Place this beacon to create an 8 block radius where blocks cannot be placed for 30 seconds. This beacon can be destroyed with 10 clicks
  • Combo Ability
    • Right click to begin a 10 second period where each hit to an enemy gives a second of Strength II. Capped at 12 seconds.
  • Exotic Bone
    • Hit a player 3 times and they won't be able to place or break any blocks for 15 seconds. You will also receive Speed III for 10 seconds.
  • Full Invisibility
    • Right click to give you and your armor invisibility, remove arrows, and remove fire. If hit, you will become visibility.
  • Portable Bard
    • Give your team a bard effect without bard armor equipped.
  • Time-Warp
    • While on pearl cooldown, right click to teleport back to where you last threw a pearl. Your pearl cooldown will also be reset.
  • Focus Mode
    • Right click to deal 25% more damage to the last person you hit for the next 10 seconds.
      Restricted on classes and archer tagged players.
  • Teleportation Ball
    • Throw to swap positions with any enemy within a 7 block radius.
  • Anti-Trap Star
    • After being hit with a projectile, right click to teleport to the player who hit you with a projectile.
  • Explosive Egg
    • Throw this egg to create a powerful yet harmless, explosion pull pulls players towards you.
  • Effect Disabler
    • Hit a player three times in a row with this item to remove and block all current and future potion effects for 12 seconds. This doesn't work on classes.
  • Guardian Angel
    • Upon right clicking, if you go below 3 hearts, you will instantly heal to 10 hearts.
  • Kit Swapper 2.0
    • Right click to automatically swap between Diamond kit, and vice versa, in one second.

I hope to see you all this weekend!

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If you really want players make Alex play and get partners so people can snipe them. 😘😘

BTW is the Ninja Ability still consumable? cuz that shit ass


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Platform Admin
If you really want players make Alex play and get partners so people can snipe them. 😘😘

BTW is the Ninja Ability still consumable? cuz that shit ass
No it is not, we've changed it back to being unlimited!