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xX_LOLXD_Xx Ban Appeal.


New member
What server were you banned on?: Kits
When were you banned (Include Date and Time)?: Around 10PM Saturday Night
Do you have any previous punishments?: Yes 1 (I Don't really know)
Are you guilty?: Yes
Do you have any evidence to support the appeal?: No, But Listen I swear on my life I let my brother use my pc right, and i let him log on viper, and he thought saying the Nword with the hard was a perm mute, cause it used to be. But as soon as he said he got banned. and he ran to me and started crying and saying i'm sorry then i checked my Pc and boom, i'm banned, but i didn't know it was a ban now. To: Staff Of Viper. Sincerely, xX_LOLXD_Xx.